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Thanks to an active intervention program, at Whangarei Heads we really do have kiwi in our backyard.

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July 5th, 2018

2018 June Update

The red carpet screening of the first of the Backyard Kiwi video stories went fantastically.

It was a very happy and flashed up local crowd that braved the cold night to enjoy the event. Thanks to all our speakers and the team that worked hard to make it run smoothly.
Go to Backyard Kiwi YouTube channel to watch  The Kiwi Release  the 1st story in a pilot series about the Backyard Kiwi project 

BYK committee with Director Mark Everton and Don McKenzie NRC

Locals filled the hall on Saturday night

Kiwi Call Count

Thank you so much to our hard working kiwi listeners who have braved the cold weather for our annual kiwi count.  The poor weather has meant that we have had to extend listening into the back up period (ie now) for some of the 20 sites, which isn’t ideal because many of the kiwi have finished their peak calling period and are now nesting.  We will collate the data and let you know what is happening to your kiwi population.

Backyard Kiwi Predator Control Programme:

A small burst of stoat catches – including a female (she would have been due to have a litter of up to a dozen kits come spring time – but not now!)

Catches for June  in the predator traps:

Stoats 3, Weasels 5, Cats 1, Rats 93, Hedgehogs 12 and 11 possums.   This gives 12 monthly totals of: Ferrets 0, Stoats 22, Weasels 41, Cats 27, Rats 686, Hedgehogs 129 and 90 possums

I will add the community trappers totals to these and then do our annual trapping report.

Maia Visits Schools

Emma recently caught up with one of the kiwi chicks from our ONE programme – “LC1614” who we had transferred to Limestone in February last year.  She was 1300g in weight so ready for transfer back to the mainland. Named “Maia” by proud supporter Beth Moodie we transferred her via Whangarei Heads and Parua Bay Schools with Emma and Adam’s help before releasing her in the pines between Taraunui Road and Lamb Road. She has settled in there well.

Kiwi with damaged bill
Landowners at Craig Road noticed a kiwi wandering around in daylight that was in poor condition.  It was taken to Robert Webb and his crew at the Whangarei Native Bird Recovery Centre for treatment and care.  The kiwi was a young male and the reason for the poor condition was some damage to his lower bill making feeding difficult.  As the kiwi was unable to feed by himself it had to be put down.  Bill damage can be caused by inappropriately set traps – such as ground set leg holds or even ground set Timms trap.  So if you are setting traps they must be in an appropriate tunnel or raised 700mm off the ground. If in doubt give me a call and I will help you locate and set the traps


What your radio tracked Backyard Kiwi have been up to:

After the peak calling period for breeding the dads are starting to get down to the serious business of nesting.

Darwin – At Lamb road, in the bush just south of the quarry. His nightly activity has dropped slightly to 10 hours.

Lambert – In pampas at Taurikura ridge. Activity dropping, 8.5 hours per night. So should be starting to nest.

 Whitu – Usual area at freezing works. He is nesting and had a nightly activity of 6 hours after 7 days of nesting as he waits for the second egg before nesting hard out.

 EB – In pampas at Kerr rd.  Activity still high at 12 hours. Finally caught up with him for his transmitter change. He was 1800g and had a rash on his neck that is healing.

Pakipaki – Back at the horse paddock in McLeods again. Activity mainly high.

JJ2 – she has is still showing a good activity of 12.5 hours and has settled back into the scrub between Kerr Road and Rarangi Heights.

Recent ReleaseThese guys seem to be settling down (but anything can happen!):

 Ross – In the dense privet stand inland from Solomon’s point. He has been there for over a month now so hope that he has found some kiwi company.

Harikoa – Has crossed the creek over to Lamb road bush south of Darwin’s territory.

Rukuwai – She is settled for the moment in the scrub between  Kauri Mt road and Kerr rd. She is a very jumpy bird to handle so the plan is to let her temporary transmitter fall off.

Mokopuna –  Her new transmitter is giving a more reliable data stream showing an activity of 13 hours at the Lamb road quarry.


ONE program (funded by Kiwis for Kiwi):

Rewarewa: Nesting is getting underway for some of these guys too.

The Acrobat – Usual area in Lovell’s fenced bush. Still no sign of nesting.

Waimarie -Activity down slightly in paddock North of quarry.

Ngutu Roa – Activity down to 9 hours nightly, usual area SW reserve.

Sancho – Activity down to 9 hours, just in paddock N of reserve.

CFU – Usual area in paddock south of reserve. Activity 11 hours.

The Boxer – Usual area W end of reserve. Nesting- 4 days in on 29/6/18 with activity of 7 hours..

We are also monitoring 4 new potential ONE dads the Hugh and Rogan located with their kiwi dogs on their recent trip here.  No nesting sign from them yet.



Todd Hamilton

Backyard Kiwi Project Manager

Whangarei Heads Landcare Forum

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