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Thanks to an active intervention program, at Whangarei Heads we really do have kiwi in our backyard.

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Local kiwi profiles

A small sample of the kiwi at Whangarei Heads are monitored by radio to track their location and get information about growth, survival and breeding rates. Using Todd Hamilton’s historical notes, we’ve put together an online archive which tells the story of each of our monitored birds. Reading through the profiles, you’ll get to know each bird’s personality, and have a rare insight into the day to day lives of kiwi. You can also see our monitored birds and their history on a Google map.


Dudin was released at Leahy’s property in McLeod Bay on 12 February 2017 and seen on his way by a crowd of over 400 locals and guests. He weighed 1700g and his bill was 104mm long. As a young male (16 months old) he was radio transmittered to follow his progress at the Heads. Dudin was named by Leahys, who are the current landowners of the farm at McLeod Bay, in honour of the long time previous owners of the property the Dudins.

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This guy hatched in “CFU’s” nest at the Lovells’ farm at Purua in October 2015 and was transferred to Limestone Island at a weight of 280g and bill length of 45.7mm.

When we were spot lighting for candidates for release in early 2017 we caught up with him at Limestone Island. He had grown to 1680g and his bill was 101.2mm. Pakipaki was named by the Tuato’o family. He was part of our February kiwi release at McLeod Bay that was attended by over 400 locals and guests

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Whitu was released at Jaggers’ pines on the East side of Manaia back in November 2005. He was an adult male weighting 2220g, had a bill length of 92.4mm and had come from Doc’s local ONE programme. He quickly moved over to Mt Aubrey and spent a few months at Little Munro Bay before heading up the hill to Leo Robinson’s place opposite the Manaia Club. He spent the next 2 years on the eastern side of Mt Aubry between the Manaia Club and Little Munro Bay.

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Tindall hatched on Sept 9 2012 at Lovell’s farm at Purua. He spent 3 years on Matakohe island, then on November 11 2015  Tindall made the move to the Whangarei Heads.

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Waka was released at the Hunt’s pine forest on Robinson Road in September 2010 as a 1 year old. He walked over Taurikura Ridge and settled into the McKenzie Bay area and spent his time maturing there. He must have been an early developer because he was found with a local adult female kiwi in the winter 2011 – she was named “Charlotte”.

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Charlie was released at the Dudin’s property, central McLeod Bay, in the winter of 2011 as a year old. He wandered northwards from there to the McNamara’s property near Craig Road. The stretch of the main road there has unfortunately proved to be a hot spot for night time traffic kills of kiwi – that is why we put the Backyard Kiwi crossing signs there.

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Dallas was released at the Jagger’s farm in July 2009 as a 9 month old. After wandering over Mt Manaia he settled in the area of the Whangarei Heads School in Taurikura Bay. He first started breeding as a 3 year old in 2011 in scrub next to the school. Since then he and his mate have successfully hatched 7 chicks. The remarkable thing is that he often nests in pampas right beside the main road!

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Darwin was released at Mt Manaia as a mature adult in 2006. He quickly headed north, first to a scrub area at Kerr Road and then further north to a pine plantation at Campbell Road. After cruising around for a couple months he set up home at Lamb Road (the road behind the garage at Parua Bay Village).

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Lambert was released at Whangarei Heads in 2007 as a two year old. He quickly found a mate and since then has lived in the pampas on the Taurikura ridge. Lambert has proven to be a champion breeder and has successfully hatched 18 chicks in the last seven years. Current land owner Lee McGrath named Lambert after George Lambert, an old time ‘cocky’ (farmer) who fenced off the bush where Lambert’s father George the kiwi now lives.

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EB is a male kiwi who was released at Dudin’s farm behind the houses at Mcleod Bay February 2015. He and two other kiwi (Kaha and Manaia) were welcomed to the Heads by a record crowd of 442 people – they made a good impression on folks and there were plenty of smiling people buzzing about seeing a kiwi in their backyard.

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