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Thanks to an active intervention program, at Whangarei Heads we really do have kiwi in our backyard.

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April 9th, 2019

Filming and photographing our stories

The latest kiwi release was photographed by Wendy Bown who is onboard helping to shoot stills and video, telling our stories.

2019 Kiwi release at a burrow site

Pakiri with Heather Hunt

To help with our pilot series of short video stories, Wendy Bown has been getting out in the bush shooting bait lines with some of the Whangarei Heads Landcare team, climbing around Mount Manaia.

2019 Filming Manaia landcare Pest Control group

2018 Manaia Landcare team briefing

Wendy comes from a film and TV background having worked for Weta workshop in Wellington on over twenty film and TV shows. She now lives in Whangarei Heads enjoying the lifestyle and vibrant community.

Backyard kiwi are delighted to have Wendy Bown on our team , Wendy will  be showing her fine art photography work in the Easter Arts Trail at Taurikura hall. For more on her work visit her website here:  and her  blog


Wendy Bown filming at TePapa



Keep an eye out for the next Backyard Kiwi video story coming soon around the control of pests and predators.

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