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Thanks to an active intervention program, at Whangarei Heads we really do have kiwi in our backyard.

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May 3rd, 2018

How come you have kiwi in your backyard?

Albatross Sanctuary

Nature photographer Rod Morris and BYK team

The 2018 Wild Dunedin Festival of Nature invited four stalwarts of the Backyard Kiwi Project to the 2018 Wild Dunedin Festival of Nature.
Todd Hamilton, Helen Moodie, Heather and Martin Hunt were asked asked to explain.

How come you have kiwi in your backyard?

The Otago Peninsula Biodiversity Group hosted a talk at the Portobello Hall.

“Kiwi in our backyard – Yeah right!

Portobello Hall

Question and answer session

Peter Hayden introduced the Backyard Kiwi team to a packed hall and Rod Morris fielded questions from the floor. They were quizzed on all aspects of the Backyard Kiwi Project – the Science, pest and predator control, community and how we tell our story.
Unpicking how these different aspects work together and feed into kiwi recovery at Whangarei Heads led to a lively exchange of ideas providing food for thought for both groups.

Todd Talk

Orokunui Sanctuary

Todd and Heather presented at the Orokunui Sanctuary where visitors enjoyed an impassioned  ‘Todd Talk’ learning about kiwi physiology, psychology and sociology.

How to draw a scratchy kiwi

Otago Peninsula scratchy kiwi

Heather demonstrated how she draws her scratchy kiwi and the Otago children applied their new found kiwi knowledge drawing wildly scratchy kiwi with nostrils at the end of their bill, big ears, hair-like feathers and strong legs.


Stoat trapping  tips

Story telling at Dunedin Public Library

Dunedin children got first hand knowledge of stoat trapping from Todd at a session at Wild Dunedin HQ.

Dunedin Public Library was an excellent venue for a SHOUT OUT LOUD reading of    “it’s my egg (and you can’t have it) and to show the “Darwin’s Spring Chicks”video story.

Heather’s storyboard workshop at the Dunedin City Art Gallery was a unique opportunity for aspiring picture book illustrators.

In between presentations the Backyard Kiwi team were immersed in the wild nature of the Otago Peninsula. We wish to thank the Wild Dunedin Festival committee for inviting us to talk about our project, offering us some insight into what is happening around the Otago Peninsula and sharing  your generous hospitality.

Find out about the Wild Dunedin Nature Festival 

Peninsula from MV “Monarch”

Natural history wisdom from Rod Morris

Kaka at Orokonui Sancturary

Hera Weka /Harbour Cone

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