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Thanks to an active intervention program, at Whangarei Heads we really do have kiwi in our backyard.

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Manaia Landcare

A first for BYK and NZ: A community managed pest control project using 1080 on public land.

DoC’s 2010 operation to poison possums, established a network of 300 bait stations and 30 kms of tracks on Manaia. Our focus expanded to include stoats and rats. Before we could begin, we had to go through a process of research, track maintenance, consultation with community, and compliance regulations.


Research: Why use 1080, and how to use it effectively?

1080 has been found to be the most effective, low-risk toxin for multiple-species pest control in New Zealand forests. Dr Jan Wright’s paper summarizes all the research that has been done – concludes that “not only is 1080 is the best for the job, but we should be using more of it”.

Discussions with NRC and DoC were also important to the research, providing information from past work on Manaia, and help with paperwork and compliance processes.

Click here to view Dr Wright’s report (PDF)

Track maintenance: re-mark the bait line network, make it accessible, and shift bait stations

The existing bait lines built by DoC were at risk of being lost. By re-marking all the tracks and making them accessible, we have ensured that there will be good infrastructure for future predator control. We also shifted all the bait stations down so that rats could eat from them as well as possums.

Click here to see the track map (PDF)

Consultation: Discuss the project with community and ensure that everyone’s on board

The project progressed as members of the community joined in, we devoted months to consultation. Talking to adjacent landowners, Ngati Wai Trust Board, schools, interest groups, local police, medical centers, vet clinics and the community as a whole. It was important that everyone had all the information and understood the whole project.

Click here to view our community consultation map

Compliance, applications and approvals.

We had to make sure we complied with the DoC Pesticides Protocols, and Public Health Board standards. These legislative standards ensured that we followed proper safety precautions and national standards.

Follow this link for DoC pesticide performance standards

and click here to read about Ministry of Health standards