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Thanks to an active intervention program, at Whangarei Heads we really do have kiwi in our backyard.

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KIWI: The Real Story

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KIWI: The Real Story, by Annemarie Florian and Heather Hunt

Picture book-page from KIWI: the real story

A picture book (narrative non-fiction) by Heather Hunt and Annemarie Florian.

Whangarei Heads Landcare Forum are delighted to introduce you to a stunning children’s picture book inspired by our very own Backyard Kiwi. Heather Hunt, who developed the Backyard Kiwi character for WHLF, has teamed up with writer Annemarie Florian to create a book uniquely based on ‘real’ kiwi living in a ‘real’ place here at Whangarei Heads.

Annemarie’s lyrical-poetic narrative and thoroughly researched facts, combined with Heather’s distinctive illustrations give a rare and exciting window into a vibrant nocturnal world. It’s a world filled with kiwi darting and diving through the undergrowth, bush and farm environments that they are thriving in at Whangarei Heads.

Heather worked closely with Todd Hamilton our BYK ranger and project manager, spending hours in the bush learning about kiwi habitat, physiology and behaviour.

Living at Whangarei Heads, Heather can hear kiwi from her backyard, and feels privileged to have experienced kiwi in the wild.

The strong connection with Backyard Kiwi and WHLF has imbued KIWI: The Real Story with a depth of information and realism unusual to a picture book. The book portrays kiwi as having attitude and personality and gives a rare and exciting insight into the private life of the North Island Brown Kiwi.

You will enjoy reading about some of our kiwi.