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Thanks to an active intervention program, at Whangarei Heads we really do have kiwi in our backyard.

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Ross introduced us to Pepi, in November 2021 Todd found Ross cuddled up in a pampas bush with another kiwi and caught it.  The kiwi did not have an ID chip so was a wild hatched and grown kiwi. The kiwi was in excellent condition, weighed 2300g and had a bill length of 104mm. Todd inserted an ID chip and put a transmitter on this new kiwi.  Was it a boy or a girl???

Adult females have bills over 120mm and boys usually well less. The kiwi could be an adult male (our suspicion) or a still growing female. We named it Pepi and kept an eye on things.  It is extremely rare for two male adults to be together so this all caused a bit of a stir in the kiwi world. 6 months later it was time for Pepi’s transmitter band change and check – and he had thinned down to 2000g over the summer but more importantly his bill was still 104mm – confirming that he was a boy! !


November 2022

Has done a bit of moving around including heading to the east into the valley opposite the Parua Bay boat ramp where Ross spent time back in 2018. 9.5 hours nightly activity.

October 2022

Has stayed back up at the top end of Pepi Road, 11.5 hours nightly activity.

September 2022

He has headed back up to the top end of Pepi Road, 8.5 hours nightly activity.

August 2022

Still spending time down the valley by Pepi Road towards the harbour, 11 hours nightly activity.

July 2022

He has worked his way down the valley by Pepi Road towards the harbour, 10.5 hours nightly activity.

June 2022

NW of Pepi road, 11.5 hours nightly activity.  A couple of local dogs wandered nearby recently, locals now knowing they have kiwi in the area reacted quickly. The dogs are now in a new kennel and under close watch.

June 2022

Now we are no longer tracking kiwi Ross, Pepi is the furthest west  of any monitored kiwi that Backayrd kiwi is currently tracking.
We continue to follow Pepi and he has moved away from Ross. Will they join up again or will a female come on the scene?

2018- 2021

Ross was the kiwi who  introduced us to Pepi. Ross was released at Parua Bay back in March 2018. He was a star of some of the Backyard Kiwi videos and by following his radio transmitter we were able to tell the story of his exploration around Parua Bay and then further west before settling in the Pepi Road area. This is the furthest west that we have followed a released kiwi.



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