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Thanks to an active intervention program, at Whangarei Heads we really do have kiwi in our backyard.

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May 5th, 2019

2019 April Update

Remember Whangarei Heads Landcare Forum AGM on Wednesday May 8 at 7.30pm at the McLeod Bay Hall, ALL Welcome. 

Please make the effort to come if you can. WHLF is a crucial platform for the various Landcare groups and individuals at the Heads and it enables much of the positive work being done to happen. It would be great if a representative of each group could give a brief update of what their groups is up to – there is plenty of good stuff going on here.

Kane McElrea is also going to update us on the NRC proposal for increased pest control in some areas of Northland, including the Heads and the area north of us.

NRC Community Environmental Awards

BYK are proud to be 1 of the 5 finalists in the “Environmental Leadership” category. Awards night is May 23 – more details when we know them.  One of the other finalists is our own Helen Moodie for her decades of Landcare co-ordination and leadership of environmental sustainability in the dairy industry – so the competition is tough! See NRC Environmental Awards 

Kiwi Call Count starts 22 May

For all those dedicated kiwi call count listeners it is time to get organised, sharpen up your hearing and data recording skills, and find some warm gear. First period is 22 May -10 June, backup 20 June-9 July (only if absolutely needed).  This is good and early this year, hopefully we will have had some good rain by then to get the kiwi breeding.  I have sent out the usual email with detailed instructions. I will have plenty of copies of both types of datasheets at the AGM for those that make it – let me know if you need any dropped off.

Even if you are not part of the official kiwi count it is still a great time of year to spend some time in the evening on your deck to check out where the kiwi are calling from so that you have an idea of who is in your backyard and where. If in doubt Have a listen here

National Kiwi Hui

The Kiwis for Kiwi national kiwi hui is in Havelock North on June 13 and 14. It is a pain to get there but these hui are always great, if you are keen to go let me know and we will work on transport. The date falls between the kiwi listen periods. Kiwis for kiwi hui

Ngati Hine visit  

It was a pleasure to host Jason Cooper of Ngati Hine along with two of Ngati Hine’s kiwi kaitiaki earlier in the month. We are very grateful to be able to source kiwi from Ngati Hine’s rohe for release into our area and Martin and I were proud to be able to show them them the hard work that is being done for these treasured kiwi.

Backyard Kiwi Predator Control Programme :

The expected drop off in catches for this time of season continues.
April :  1 Stoat 0, Weasels 1, Cats 0, Rats 56, Hedgehogs 18 and 5 possums.

Dog Kill

A dead kiwi was recently found by landowners at Ody road (see pic).  It was a young female of 1850g with no ID chip so was a wild hatched and grown kiwi. She had been killed by a large dog by the bite wounds. The wounds weren’t fresh enough to get DNA samples to identify the dog.  Dog kills are pretty rare at the Heads these days because the vast majority of dog owners control their dogs so please, please don’t let your dog be a kiwi killer – keep it under control!

Dead Kiwi -Wild hatched

Darwin and Bill Hamilton

Recent Releases at Parua Bay

  • Teina – He has still mainly been hanging out in the release area at the Ross’s but has wandered a couple of times to  Lamb road. Activity is 12 hours.
  • Malaika – 12 hours activity, Still in Ross’s pines Taraunui road
  • Pakiri-   Has decided to start trekking north and has headed down Taraunui Road to Ross Road – I have been visiting the landowners down there to show them the area where he/she is and find out if anyone is hearing any new kiwi.  It has been very satisfying to see the locals’ delight when I deliver the news that they have a new kiwi in their backyard.
  • Awhi- After heading west to Kohinui valley (inland from the pub) last month she has remained settled in the area – maybe she has found herself a boy?

ONE program (funded by Kiwis for Kiwi):


I had a busy day on Tuesday with transmitter changes before the breeding season starts.

  • Ngutu Roa-  11 hours activity, changed his transmitter, he was 2200g and with a female in a deep burrow on the rocky face SW reserve.
  • Sancho- 11.5 hours activity, changed his tx, weight 2100g and with female R 62623 in a burrow in the paddock east of the reserve.
  • CFU – no signal.
  • Kimposter –11.5 hours activity, in deep tomo south side of reserve. Did his tx change, 2300g and with female (too deep to ID).
  • Nick- usual area of Lovell’s bush, in old stump, 11 hours activity. Did tx change, 2300g in weight
  • Ngaro– usual area behind the air strip, 11 hours activity.


Hope to see you at the AGM

Cheers Todd

Please note that my email address has changed to:

Todd Hamilton

Backyard Kiwi Project Manager

Whangarei Heads Landcare Forum

M 021 1145 385




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