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Thanks to an active intervention program, at Whangarei Heads we really do have kiwi in our backyard.

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Tindall hatched on Sept 9 2012 at Lovell’s farm at Purua. He spent 3 years on Matakohe island, then on November 11 2015  Tindall made the move to the Whangarei Heads.

He championed kiwi recovery by meeting the Tindall foundation team and others before his public release. Tindall now has a chick timer transmitter on his leg so we can follow his travels and hopefully his success in breeding. The trapping programme at the Heads means his chicks stand a good chance of surviving to adulthood themselves.

Tindall’s Tracked History – by Todd Hamilton

November 2017

This guy has dropped his transmitter, the band holding it on was cracked and split.  He was well settled at the Northern end of Manaia.

October 2017

Haven’t managed to get a signal from him this month. I will have a decent look for him.

September 2017

The East side of Manaia. His activity is has risen again to 12 hours. He is proving to be a reluctant breeder.

August 2017

Has moved over to the East side of Manaia. His activity is down to 9 hours so he may be starting to nest.

June July 2017

At the North end of Manaia. His activity is still high – 12.5 hours.

May 2017

He had his 6 monthly transmitter band change done and was in good nick at 2000g. His activity is 11.5 hours, he was in Ody’s paddock at the top of the hill.

w-17-Tindall-profile portrait

w17.05-Tindall location

April 2017

He has settled into Ody’s paddocks on the Northern end of Manaia.  Activity 11 hours.

March 2017

He has moved down into Ody’s paddocks on the Northern end of Manaia – probably enjoying all the crickets there.  Activity 11 hours.

February 2017

Still on NE Manaia with high activity of 10 hours.

January 2017

This young guy is moving around at on the McLeod side of northern Mt Manaia. I recently caught up with him in the scrub there for his annual transmitter change. He was a healthy 2000g in weight


Still on NE Manaia with high activity.

November 2016

It is a year since this guy was released so he needed a transmitter change. He was a real pain hiding in the dense kiekie at the northern end of Manaia so I had to wait until he was spending some time in the scrub at the end of Our Road to catch up with him. He is a healthy 2000g and his bill has stopped growing at 102mm so he is now full grown. He is 4 years old.


October 2016

He has moved to the NW side of Manaia and when I caught up with him recently he was deep in a hollow puriri so no chance of changing his transmitter. I will try again soon.

September 2016

NE side of Mt Manaia. This guy is another young learner and his first nesting attempt for the season failed after only 11 days according to his radio data stream. Plenty of time for him to try again.

August 2016

North east  side of Mt Manaia, he has just started nesting.

July 2016

North east side of Mt Manaia, activity dropping down to 9 hours nightly.

June 2016

I caught up with Tindall early in May for his 6 monthly check . He was a healthy 2000g in weight and seems to have settled in on the North east side of Manaia at Odys.


May 2016

He has moved to the North east side of Manaia and is proving difficult to locate in the kiekie there. 13 hours activity.


w-16.06.03-Tindall's burrowTindall’s burrow in the  kiekie


April 2016

Still on Manaia but he has started moving about a bit – looking for a mate? Activity is 11.5 hours.

March 2016

Has settled on the Kauri Mt coast at this stage. High activity.

February 2016

Still on Manaia above “Our Road”.  His activity is a healthy 11 hours per night

January 2016

He has settled into the north-western part of Manaia above “Our Road”.  His activity is a healthy 9.5 hours per night.

December 2015

After his release last month he seems to have settled at the Northern End of McLeod Bay – on Manaia above “Our Road”.  His activity is a healthy 10 hours per night.

November 2015

After his release earlier in the month he has been moving north along Mt Manaia. Hopefully he will find a good spot to settle into.

w-Tindal-group_0315Tindall meets Tindal foundation

15.11.11-Locals meet TindallTindall meets locals at his kiwi release

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