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Thanks to an active intervention program, at Whangarei Heads we really do have kiwi in our backyard.

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Monthly updates

Each month, Todd Hamilton provides an update about the general state of play in Whangarei Heads, information about upcoming and recent events, and an individual update about each tracked kiwi.

2018 October Update

It’s springtime and the chicks are hatching!

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2018 – September update

Two more Backyard Kiwi videos stories online.

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2018 August update

Big thanks to Rolf
Rolf Fuchs has been the sole kiwi ranger at Whangarei DoC for the past few years.

He has done a fantastic job for kiwi community groups and the kiwi of our area and he is now moving on- Thanks Rolf – you work has been very much appreciated. Rolf is moving to the NRC team so we look forward to still working with him in his new role.

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July 2018 Update

We are wining! Our Kiwi population keeps increasing.

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2018 June Update

The red carpet screening of the first of the Backyard Kiwi video stories went fantastically.

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2018 May Update

We are having a party

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2018 April Update

Lots happening!!!

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2018 – March update

It was great to see so many locals at our recent kiwi release at the Ross property behind the Parua Bay community centre.

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2018 – February Update

Kiwi Release –March 11 5.30pm kick off

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2018 -January update

Upcoming Kiwi Release

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